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My 7-21 Talk

My 7-21 Talk
Earlier this month, I gave a 7 minute presentation at the Christianity 21 conference in Denver. You can read a summary of the talk here. I’ve also finally managed to get my 7-21 audio edited. The quality isn’t that great, but if you’re willing to listen closely, you can follow along. Here it is: [...]

Beyond Good and Evil: Independence Da...

Beyond Good and Evil: Independence Day Musings on BP and the American “Empire”
In two recent posts, I’ve been reflecting on Walter Wink’s theological writings about “the Powers” – a concept from the Bible that arises out of the now all-too familiar experience of the social or political entity that suddenly becomes more than the sum of its parts – often turning on its makers like Frankenstein’s monster. Corporations, cre [...]

Oil Spills, Shadow Banking, Sham Acco...

Oil Spills, Shadow Banking, Sham Accounting, and The Powers
I am sure that I am not the first to observe this, but a rather disturbing pattern is emerging out of the various crises that have dominated our nation’s agenda during last few months. Here is how the pattern operates: First, a particular sector of the economy generates a public crisis. People panic. Legislators, keen on satisfying the [...]

The Integrated Worldview

The Integrated Worldview
In my last post, I talked about how some people have difficulty believing in the resurrection of Jesus not because of the lack of evidence, but because they hold a worldview that does not allow for people to rise from the dead. There is nothing wrong with this per se. For the most part, we don’t control – or even think about – these dee [...]

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