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“No Man Comes to the Father But...

“No Man Comes to the Father But By Me”–A Quick Reflection on the Metanarrative of Way, Truth, and Life
This morning, Eddie Rivera, the pastor at SPUMC, preached what I thought was a fantastic sermon on John 14:6, the rather infamous text in which Jesus says, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Eddie pointed out that he has struggled mightily with this text over time. He said that, within t [...]

The Paradox of Universalism/Exclusivi...

The Paradox of Universalism/Exclusivism
Hopeful Universalism lives with an unresolved tension. It recognizes that some parts of scripture point toward an exclusive kind-of salvation that is found only in Jesus, leaving some on the “outside.” But it also recognizes that other parts of scripture point toward a Christ who is reconciling “all things” to himself, [...]

Universalism as Prayer

Universalism as Prayer
I am a hopeful universalist, or, to put it in slightly more provocative terms, a universalist sympathizer. What does that mean? It means, as I recited in a prior post, that I’m not a universalist, but I suspect that God might be.* Hopeful universalists can be contrasted with what we might call dogmatic universalists, who believe and teach the [...]

Rob Bell and Hell: What is at Stake?

Rob Bell and Hell: What is at Stake?
The net was abuzz last night over a video from Rob Bell that promotes Love Wins, a book that will be released at the end of March. Here is the video: LOVE WINS. from Rob Bell on Vimeo. In the video, Bell asks a series of questions about the doctrine of hell, the most pointed of which is this: will the vast majority of humanity will suffer c [...]

Paul and Hell Revisited

Paul and Hell Revisited
One of the odd things I’m learning about moving to a new blog is that the old one doesn’t really die unless you completely pull it down. Even after I publicly announced that my blog was dormant, people – mostly, I’m guessing who linked to it via search engines and blogrolls that haven’t been updated – continued to read and [...]

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