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The Bible as Constitution

The Bible as Constitution
Scot McKnight is blogging on Jack Balkin’s book on constitutional law, Living Originalism, and the potential for comparing constitutional reasoning with Biblical hermeneutics. Traditionally, this comparison has always been difficult for me because those who make it almost always leap to the conclusion that the Bible should be read like [...]

More on Soul-Sorting

More on Soul-Sorting
Scot McKnight has been blogging (here, here, and here) about Brian McLaren’s description of the “conventional” reading of the Bible, which characterizes it as a story about soul-sorting. My own review of McLaren’s chapter on this subject, which gives a little more detail about the subject of soul-sorting, is here. McKn [...]

Social Justice and Extreme Libertaria...

Social Justice and Extreme Libertarianism
Scot McKnight at the Jesus Creed is pushing back at recent remarks by the son of Jerry Falwell, suggesting that Jesus' teachings that we should help the poor does not include "socialism" – which Falwell seems to roughly define as any act where money is taken by one class of people and given to another. Falwell seems to say [...]

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