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The “Phony Theology” of C...

The “Phony Theology” of Creation Care?
Last week, presidential candidate Rick Santorum was quoted as saying that, while he takes Obama at his word that he is a Christian, he believes that Obama’s policies are based on “phony theology.” That statement struck me as somewhat peculiar, but he didn’t say anything further about what he meant at the time. Today, h [...]

On Philosophies and Policies: Why Our...

On Philosophies and Policies: Why Our Political Dialog is in Crisis
I suppose that, on one level or another, it has always been difficult to talk about religion and/or politics. However, I can’t imagine that it has ever been as difficult as it is right now. In an ideal world, we should be able to identify problems, propose solutions, respond to, reconsider, and compromise those solutions, then and ultimately [...]

Jill Jacobs Gets it Right: Scripture ...

Jill Jacobs Gets it Right: Scripture is “Political”– But that Doesn’t Make it “Partisan”
Rabbi Jill Jacobs hits the nail on the head in this piece. Money quote: The Torah is political because it lays out a vision for a just civil society. It is political because it forms the basis for a social contract. It is political because it concerns itself with relations among human beings as much as with relations between human beings and [...]

Why No One Truly Wants to Rid of Amer...

Why No One Truly Wants to Rid of America of Immigrants
I’ve been wondering when it would finally come to light. For all of the demonizing of illegal immigrants that gets generated among many of our politicians, you would think that the best-case scenario would involve rounding them all up, throwing them into a portal to another dimension, and then throwing away the key. Not so, it turns out. Many [...]

Reclaiming a Christian Perspective on...

Reclaiming a Christian Perspective on Corporate Evil
Without doubt, institutional distrust has become the dominant theme in American political culture. Both Right and Left embrace it in their rhetoric. In fact, the only difference between the two predominant political philosophies is the identity of the institutions that are disfavored. The Left distrusts large business enterprises, but advocat [...]

Raising Taxes Does Not (Necessarily) ...

Raising Taxes Does Not (Necessarily) “Grow the Size of Government”
One of my state’s senators has been quoted as stating on today’s Fox News Sunday that “raising taxes grows the size of government.” Behind the statement is a question about the limited repeals of a handful of tax benefits that – as I understand it – have been dolled out over the last decade or so to corporations and wealthy individuals. For e [...]

“…And Justice for AllR...

“…And Justice for All”: Taking our Pledge Seriously
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: One nation under God Indivisible With liberty and justice for all. A few days ago, an interesting observation popped up on my Twitter feed. It read something like this: "Don't bother with 'under God' until you can do [...]

Do Americans Pay Too Much in Taxes?

Do Americans Pay Too Much in Taxes?
I ran across an op-ed piece today which stated that the United States’ debt has actually been higher than it is right now, if you consider it as a percentage of GDP. I was a little incredulous, so I looked it up. This chart, from, which appears to be a conservative advocacy group, caused me to change my mind very quic [...]

May 1, 2011

May 1, 2011
I am hopeful that 911 family members can now feel a sense of closure. I am glad that our military has apparently weakened a very dangerous organization. I grieve over the lives that have been lost in this 10 year conflict- military and civilian, American and non, allies and enemies. I worry that, as a nation, we have become addicted to viol [...]

Political Theatre at its Best

Political Theatre at its Best
Well…at last the budget showdown of April 2011 is finished. The result is, as everyone expected, preposterous. If our nation were a family with a $100 a week grocery budget, and we needed to trim it to $60 a week, then our leaders have just finished an extended, pointed argument over whether we should buy one 20 ounce bottle of Diet Coke each [...]

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